Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reversed Roles

by: Michael Steffes

For the first time since the re-shaping of the divisions, this week when the Hawks take on the Cardinals it will be the Cardinals who will play the role of the bully. With a 6-3 record and as big a divisional lead as any team in football, they will be finally looking to get one over on the Seahawks. Even when they have been competitive, like last year, the Cardinals have melted in their trips to Qwest. This week, they will be looking to exorcise those demons.

So, with little time to write today, I thought I would put this up for the addicts to discuss. How important is this game for the Seahawks if they want to regain their dominance once they are fully healthy? With a win, can the Cardinals start a run of numerous division titles like the Hawks have done? Can we really take the Cardinals seriously until they come into Qwest and beat the Seahawks? Let's discuss . . . ~END~