Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thoughts on the Roster Move

by: Michael Steffes

There seems to be a lot of relief that Keary Colbert is no longer a Seahawk. This was the right the move for the team to make, and there is a lot more to it than just releasing a player who wasn't performing. Here are some thoughts I have on the move:

  • Keary Colbert was traded for a conditional pick. Had he received enough playing time, the Hawks would have had to give up a 4th round pick instead of a 5th. When the trade was made, the team was desperate and still in the mix for a playoff berth this season. It made sense to take a shot with a player who had previously shown some promise. He didn't resurrect his career here, and thus there was no reason to let the trade become even worse.
  • With the Cards' win last night, the team is likely facing the music that they will not make the playoffs this year. Colbert had not shown he was in the team's future plans, especially at the salaries the Broncos signed him to. It's a much smarter move to let one of the young players gain experience and find out if he is in the future plans. The safe money is on Taylor--he has been here longer, and maybe his demotion has finally given him the proper motivation.
  • If there is one thing this organization has shown, it is that it doesn't tolerate bad play. Many would say that Tim Ruskell is too reactionary, but personally I like it. Fudge was terrible last year and was terrible again in week 1, so we moved on. Colbert showed he isn't able to make the big play, so he is gone. The long snappers from last year are another example. Because of the salary cap, it becomes less feasible to do this with more expensive players like Deion Branch, but the premise is there. Maybe they will make that move in the offseason. It is possible. A move like this lets the other players know that they need to get the job done. Also, the organization is willing to admit mistakes. As a fan, I would rather see someone new get a chance rather than seeing the same player continue to get chance after chance when they are clearly not doing their job. It gives me hope that once Mike Holmgren is gone, the team will be more apt to make changes in the coaching staff when coaches are clearly not getting the job done as well. Misplaced loyalty has been an issue with this team for years.
  • Many will be critical that the team gave up a 5th, but it isn't the end of the world. The team traded a 5th for Alvin Pearman, and they got one back. They traded a 6th for Josh Parry, and they got one back. Maneuvering late in the draft isn't terribly hard. The team will most likely suffer no great long term effects from not having their original 5th rounder. It is far better than losing their 4th.