Friday, November 28, 2008

Seattle's Defensive Players Growing Weary...

by: Chris Sullivan

...of John Marshall, that is. Well, they didn't say that directly, but that's the intimation Frank Hughes suggests. I am glad to see these tired, annoyed players finally saying "what the hell are we doing?"

The article points out that the Hawks were playing a zone defense in the first half (when 24 of the 34 points were allowed) and utilizing half-hearted blitzing schemes at best. The speed of this defense lends itself well to strong man-to-man play and better pass rush skills. The latter is affected without Kerney, of course, but let's be honest, how many times have seen Leroy Hill rush the QB this year? Once? He is arguably our most disruptive LB, so what is the point of pushing him into coverage (arguably his least-developed skill)?

I think we all already agree that Marshall, whatever his strengths used to be, is now a bad coach who needs to be purged for the good of this talented defense. It won't happen this year, so why doesn't he just throw up his arms, open up the playbook, and have some fun with his last four weeks with the franchise? ~END~