Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If Holmy was still GM...

by: Chris Sullivan

Frank Hughes reports something that the other beat reporters either missed or ignored, but that I think is probably the most interesting thing Shaun Alexander said when he spoke with reporters this morning:

“From the very beginning Tim [Ruskell] called and said there will be some
changes and Coach Holmgren will not be here in a year and if we get some guys to
replace you, then you’ll be out of here. I was like, 'OK'. That is reality and
part of football. [T.J.] Duckett comes in, Julius [Jones] comes in and I ask Tim
do you want this thing to be a competition, me versus Mo, versus Duckett,
versus, Julius and he said no. I said I respect that. I went up there and saw
Mike and he said he was definitely not happy with that and I said coach good
luck, Tim good luck and of course Gil Haskell. I had to go in there and talk to
him (Gil Haskell) and nobody was happy about the decision. Coach Holmgren and
Gil did not get to make that decision and it is what it is."

Well, back to work I go, but what do you guys think of that? END