Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bad Football on Display Again

by: Michael Steffes

Another Sunday, another gun fight to which the Seahawks brought their knives. The Seahawks are simply overmatched by well-coached teams with talent. They are too beat up. Few teams could win with the number of reserves who played key roles today. The losses are starting to hurt less. In the first half the team played well, but by the end terrible football doomed the Hawks. Dropped passes, missed opportunities, and players not even knowing they were supposed to be on the field made the Hawks look like a JV team at times. Most of all, backups or not, these guys have to make a play when they get the chance.

I am exhausted. Another great day of brats, beer, and making fun of P-hands Parker made the day a success--it's too bad John Marshall's third down all-out blitz never is. Anyway, I will get into the game tomorrow, and I am now officially dedicating Tuesdays, the Hawks' day off, to looking towards next year. That feature will debut this week. I hope all of you who play fantasy are having successful seasons; right now that is one of my only saving graces. ~END~