Saturday, November 8, 2008

Picks, Picks, and More Picks

by: Michael Steffes

It would be nice if the Seattle D could come with a couple of picks, but alas I regress. Anyway, here are your weekly picks. Unfortunately, Chris could not be located. He must be a bit busy with the whole honeymoon thing. So Matthew picked for him. Maybe it will help him out!


Steffes 6-8
Sullivan 9-5
Gonzo 8-6


Gonzo 78-56
Sullivan 76-57
Steffes 75-58

Oh No... i am in last. Too many risky picks. And I already started this week off on a sour note. Neon Green thong here I come. Anyway, here are the picks....

1 GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
2 Denver @ Cleveland Cleveland EPIC FAIL
3 NO @ Atlanta Atlanta New Orleans New Orleans
4 Jacksonville @ Detroit Jacksonville Detroit Jacksonville
5 Tennessee @ Chicago Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
6 Green Bay @ Minnesota Minnesota
Green Bay Green Bay
7 Buffalo @ NE New England Buffalo New England
8 St. Louis @ NYJ NYJ New York Jets NYJ
9 Baltimore @ Houston Houston Baltimore Baltimore
10 Carolina @ Oakland Carolina Carolina Carolina
11 Indy @ Pittsburgh Indy
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
12 KC @ San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego
13 NYG @ Philly Philly New York Giants NYG
14 San Fran @ AZ AZ Arizona AZ
15 Seattle @ Miami Miami 28-20 Seattle 17-14 Miami 20-13

Looks like another make or break week for Steffes, he is on his own with the Eagles, Colts, Falcons, and Texans.

Matt is taking the Hawks in his first week, a mistake the rest of us have apparently learned from. He also has Detroit, so either he is a mad scientist, or simply mad.

Gonzo, hitting with Cincy last week in his WTF pick, has played it close to the vest this week. Clearly he is trying to protect his lead.