Sunday, November 16, 2008

As the Minutes Wind Down...

by: Mike Parker

It's six minutes into the fourth quarter and TJ Duckett just ran it in for his second touchdown of the game, thanks to a Daryl Tapp fumble recovery. A couple things worth noting so far:

-The defense has cranked it into high gear going into crunch time. A Josh Wilson interception led to a touchdown in the second quarter, and the aforementioned Tapp fumble recovery led to another touchdown. All of the Seahawks' points today have come from sharp defense, something that has often looked lacking throughout the season thus far.

-Special teams has been stellar again today, with Wilson's name being on top of that list again. He has 141 kick return yards today on five attempts and his efforts have put the Hawks in excellent field position, regardless of the fact that they haven't been able to convert.

-Arizona's punting unit just came out for the first time today, and there currently are six minutes left in the game. That's disconcerting, to put it mildly.

-Speaking of disconcerting, I'm disturbed by the fact that the announcers for this game--Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger--are being referred to frequently as "Dick" and "Baldy." There are just too many jokes to write for that one.

-Hasselbeck has been able to develop some good chemistry with John Carlson, but with no results in the end zone.

-John Ryan just cranked a punt way over Steve Breaston's head, and the defense will be once again put to the test as the minutes in this game wind down. Let's hope the offense decides to follow suit . . . -END-