Friday, November 14, 2008

Weaver, Wallace Join Matt at Practice

by: Mike Parker

More good news today from Renton, courtesy of our good friend Danny O'Neil at the Seattle Times: Leonard Weaver and Seneca Wallace returned to practice today, along with Matt Hasselbeck, as previously reported.

Coach Holmgren went on to say that Matt had a "wonderful week" at practice, and looks sharp throwing the ball to a--gasp!--healthy group of receivers. It looks like Seneca could be ready to go in a pinch, if need be, but Charlie Frye will likely be listed as the No. 2 QB going into Sunday against Arizona. Seneca still isn't over the groin injury he suffered last week in Miami. Let's hope he hasn't suffered a Steven Jackson "torn groin" injury, while we're talking about this. When it comes to groins, "torn" is never what you want to hear.

As for our favorite run-after-the-catch fullback, Leonard Weaver, it'll be a question of pain tolerance as to whether or not he'll return Sunday. The rib injury he suffered isn't completely healed, as time is usually the only factor in such ailments. If Weaver can't go, look for the Runaway Beer Truck, Owen Schmitt, to take his place. Schmitt is a player I think we're all excited to see more of, as he's shown some promise down the stretch.

With nearly everyone healthy going into Sunday, this will be a very telling game for the Seahawks, especially considering the division rivalry at hand. I'm also hoping Deion Branch won't leave the game after 8 minutes because of 12 torn muscles and a broken face. By the way, I think I'm calling any face-related injury in the NFL "Pulling a Boldin" from now on. -END-