Sunday, November 16, 2008

Division is "lost," goals are changing...

by: Chris Sullivan

Frank Hughes has an interesting wrap-up of the post-game pressers. The two things he focuses on are 1) Hasselbeck being a "space cadet" at the conference (which, as anyone who has seen a Hass interview knows, is the opposite of how Matt typically presents himself); and 2) Holmgren 'conceding' the season.

Basically, Holmgren admitted that with this loss the Seattle Seahawks have lost the division. He notes that the team's "goals are changing," but did not elaborate. This presents a very interesting question, and one that we were all hoping not to have to deal with, but how does a Hall of Fame coach finish off a season with no chance of making the playoffs in a year he was expecting to get deep into the playoffs? How does he motivate his players? Do we see a developing transfer of authority to Mora over the next weeks, or a growing frustration with the players and coaches not knowing what is going to happen next year? Or do the guys just go out there and have fun?

Sidenote: Mike Wahle is injured and it sounds fairly serious. We'll keep you posted. ~END~