Sunday, April 27, 2008

Analysis of 4th Rounder

by: Michael Steffes

My inital reaction to this pick is not as high as you might think. I think Bryant will be a solid player in the league and will help the Seahawks maintain a serious defensive presence. He also presents very good value taken in the fourth. However, I can't believe they passed on Scheuning. They may be higher on Wrotto then they have let us know, but Big Roy would have been a great replacement of the aging Mike Wahle in a year or two and could have pushed Sims right away.

I think that DT is something that they will be glad they took next year, but they now have three DT's who mostly just take up space. Tubbs will be gone next year, but if Bernard is too, they will need more of a penetrator.

I think Wesley Woodard may still be available in the 5th and that could be the linebacker they wanted all along. He is a Tim Ruskell player for sure. He led the SEC in tackles several years running.

Maybe they will make a move to get up and get their O lineman using a future pick. Else it looks as if they may just pick up a developmental guy later. We will see. I still get the sense we are one pick short in this draft, which we are, but it was worth it to get the TE that the team craved. END