Friday, April 25, 2008

Tim Ruskell Draft Day Handbook

by: Michael Steffes

I just thought I would post a link to this article because I thought Clare Farnsworth did an excellent job breaking down what the big guy likes in a draft pick.

Just to back up what he says, Ruskell hasn't drafted a small school player since he has been with the Seahawks.

He defintely stays away from one year guys if simply because they like to have a lot of tape to look at.

And while I believe he does take the BPA approach, I am not so sure he always takes the guy with the highest ranking. My belief is that he chooses from a group he likes with similar rankings. Sometimes you have to get players that the team can use.

Finally, one thing Clare doesn't mention is that he is particular to players who fit the teams systems. He is not going to take a player who won't be effective doing what the Hawks will ask. Who will fit the profile tomorrow? END