Friday, April 25, 2008

Ten Players

by: Michael Steffes

A lot of time has elapsed since I did my round by round draft projections and a lot of information has come out. I also am abandoning my mock draft, because I put my energy in to doing some non blog related things this week in an effort to free my self of any obligations except the draft this weekend. Besides, Kansas City screwed the whole thing up.

So instead, I thought as we work our way through draft day eve, the quiet before the storm if you will, I thought I would go this route instead....10 Players Who I Think Could Be Seahawks. This draft more than any previous really has me thinking twice. Maybe it is because "we are not hostage to any position", or maybe just because there seems to be a tremendous amount of fluctuation in player values. That said, my guess is if I list 10, I would be lucky to get 2. So without further ado...

1) Trevor Laws-- This guy has built up steam in many corners of Seahawks fan nation. John Morgan of Field Gulls loves this guy, and I too see him as the best of DT's from a fit and scheme standpoint. Part of my reasoning on this is that I think Kentwan Balmer is in no ways a fit, not by scheme, not by what the team looks for. Pat Sims is the question mark. I heard him tell the story of why he left the team this morning, and if teams heard it, the character questions were eased. The one year wonder tag was not. So that leaves Laws. He is the one DT who makes sense at the top. I also like some other guys like Carlton Powell, but the Seahawks have not been linked to him at all.

2) Sam Baker-- I think that the Seahawks probably like this guy for all he has to offer. He is a 4 year starter at a top college. He played in a similar offense. The know what they are getting. If the Hawks do end up in the early second, this is one of the guys on the short list for sure.

3)John Carlson-- The more have I looked around, the more i think Carlson ends up a Seahawk. He seems like the type of player the Hawks want. He "trancends" schemes. He does what he does and he does it well. Also, the Hawks have never been known to be scared off by a 40 time. It is how you run with pads on that count.

4) Wesley Woodard-- A tackling machine from the Sec. He again is sliding a bit due to measurables. He isn't tall enough or heavy enough. What he is, is smart and instinctive, and he comes from a tough, tough conference for linebackers. Seahawks 3rd round pick if available, book it( or I am a complete idiot which is just as likely).

5)Kirk Barton-- the tackle from THE Ohio St University. I have slowly come around on tackle prospects. It seems to me, and many of you may scream, that tackle is more of a need that guard. I only say this because Ray Willis is a free agent next year and who is going to back up the studs if he leaves. Plus the team now has a handful of guards who are young and promising. Lets give Wrotto and Sims another year before we add another.

6)Brian Kehl, LB, BYU--I just get the feeling that this guy would be a great fit in Seattle. There is no question they will add a linebacker at some point. Kehl is the type of guy you know will be a leader on special teams right away. He is fast and a big hitter. He is a bit older and more mature than some guys too as he took a mission while at BYU. The downside is that he may not get better than he is, and that projects him as a back up at best. I have liked this guy for a while and I get a feeling in my gut it may happen.

7) Steve Justice, C, Notre Dame-- Back to the guard situation. While there is a lot of competition there, none exists at center. I would be very surprised if the Hawks didn't address this position as well on Sunday. Justice is the perfect candidate. He is smart and he understands the game. The problem is that this list is chalk full of Notre Dame guys, and I hate Notre Dame. Also, if these guys were so good, why was this team so bad?

8) Lance Leggit, WR, Miami-- No guts no glory right? A late round pick at WR from a program Ruskell loves, don't tell me it couldn't happen. The took a slight underachiever from Miami who had durability concerns last year, so clearly someone from down there has Ruskell's ear. Maybe it is Kelly Jennings.

9) Eric Foster, DE Rutgers. He is the classic overachiever. Ruskell likes that. He is also versatile which will help his cause. I think the team may take a late round flier to make sure they get this cat. We shall see.

10) Thomas Williams, LB, USC. Williams is a special teams demon. He also not only started as a linebacker at times, but he can play fullback as well. I have heard interviews with this guy, and if the Hawks talked to him, I bet they are considering it.

Well, I tried to take some random names. I just thought I would try and spin peoples heads further on who the Hawks will take. The only thing I am really feeling sure of is that at some point Tim Ruskell is going to make a pick, my mouth is going to drop open and I am going to say...huh? really? That said...I can't wait.