Monday, April 28, 2008

Mel Kiper...Has He Learned His Lesson?

by: Michael Steffes

This morning is a monumental day in Seahawk/draft history. It would appear that Mel Kiper has learned his lesson about betting against Tim Ruskell. Either that or he is just plain getting smarter with age. Way to go Mel.

Lots of ridiculously awful early draft grades are surfacing. Michael David Smith calls Tim Ruskell a loser. The Sporting News gives the Hawks a D+. But Mel says the Hawks did well...

Seattle Seahawks: GRADE: B
Lawrence Jackson stepped up his performance and deserved being a first-round pick. I would have looked at Dustin Keller, although John Carlson is a more complete tight end. Texas A&M's Red Bryant is a stay-at-home defensive tackle. He was productive in 2007, but he never took his game to the next level coming out of high school. Owen Schmitt is a throwback old-school fullback. Tyler Schmitt is a good long snapper. Justin Forsett has the chance to make this team at running back. Georgia's Brandon Coutu -- whom I thought was the best kicker in this draft -- could be this year's Mason Crosby.

Either Mel is starting to realize that the things that make people successful in this league are the things Tim Ruskell looks at. Or he couldn't stand to see another re-grade three years down the road that is so much different than his original projection.

Anyway, this is all I am going to say on draft grades, I don't care much for them. We can grade this draft come December....of 2010. END