Friday, April 25, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

by: Michael Steffes

The draft is almost here. The draft is almost here. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve, except no one gets to open presents till noon. Bummer!

Anyway, I thought I would give out one final reminder that the deadline for entries to the Seahawk Addicts Draft Day contest is midnight tonight. All you have to do is guess the time of day when the Seahawks go on the clock for the first time and you could win a replica jersey of your choice from The Seattle Team Store. So far there has been a tremendous amount of interest in the contest, easily doubling the number of entries from the previous one. So do your last minute research and get your entry in.

As for draft day coverage on Seahawk Addicts, it is going to be fast and furious. The blog was a bit slow today because I have cleared my schedule to spend the next two days in front of the TV with the computer at my side. Chris Sullivan will be doing the same. We decided that the live blog would hamper our ability to get good scoop, and since a Seahawk trade is likely, it just didn't seem the best course. So no live blog, but expect a record number of posts as day the unfolds. I can't wait, how bout' you? END