Saturday, April 26, 2008

Could Roy Schuening Be A Seahawk

by: Michael Steffes

Aaron Fentress, of Oregon Live, whose blog I follow, has done an interesting write up on Roy Schuening. Schuening is a big and nasty guard from Oregon St. I had the Seahawks taking in him in my final mock draft last week. He is one of the few guards in this class that I really like. He reminds me a previous Seahawk guard who many of us miss. The best part...check out this excerpt from page 3 of the article,

NFL teams showing the most interest in Schuening, according to Fox, are Carolina, Miami, St. Louis, Chicago and Seattle. Schuening said he wants to play close to home, and the Seahawks just happen to be his favorite team. "Playing for Seattle would be a dream," he said.