Saturday, April 26, 2008

Carlson: Seahawks Top Rated TE

by: Michael Steffes

According to Danny O'Neil, who just got done talking with Tim Ruskell and Mike Holmgren, John Carlson was the Seahawks top rated tight end. This makes sense. He was the one tight end who truly fits what the Hawks do with a TE.

Holmgren talked on NFLN with the group. It was a really funny interview covering a wide variety of topics. They asked him about why the Hawks passed on Dustin Keller. He said, "the tight end class this year came in all shapes and sizes." "We really wanted a guy who could play inline and handle the defensive ends a bit." "We didn't want to have to scheme him outside." What he is saying is that Keller was too small and was going to be used like an H-Back. The Jets have several blocking TE's, so he works for them. Carlson, or maybe Craig Stevens, if the Hawks some how missed on Carlson, were the only TE's destined to be Seahawks. Bennett has attitude issues that have been chronicled since day one.

A third is a high price to pay, no doubt. However, if he works out, like Lofa did, nobody will care one bit about that third. I will be interested if they decide to use next years picks to get back up into the third. They should have several extra picks next year (compensatory) after losing numerous million dollar free agents. END