Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hawks Trade Up [Updated]

by: Michael Steffes/Chris Sullivan

The Hawks have traded into the 38th pick and selected John Carlson. Excellent move. Carlson was the most NFL ready TE available. He should contribute some next year. He doesn't have great upside, but the Hawks know they are getting a good player and a quality individual.

Carlson is a great athlete and was decent at Notre Dame. He should be able to get open and be a big target for Matt (6'5", 255) and will be an upgrade as far as blocking goes. He's a Ruskell guy, through and through: very smart, hard working, and of good character. He was a team captain his senior year at ND, and should be ready for pro football pretty quickly. He won't likely be a pro-bowler, but he will be a Super Bowler for sure!

The Hawks gave up their 3rd round pick to get this done. It would appear that Carlson was the one tight end they really coveted. Being that he can catch and block it makes sense. The 3rd rounder was a steep price to pay. However, with the 3rd round on the second day this year, it is possible the Hawks could find away to get back in, if there is someone their they really like. They would likely have to use future picks though to make this happen.