Sunday, April 27, 2008

No O Line, No Linebacker

by: Michael Steffes

I must say, I am extremely surprised that these two positions were not addressed in the draft. First off, Tim Ruskell says he looks to add a linemen every year. Didn't happen this year. So much for all those who said the Hawks were looking for Walter Jones' replacement in this draft. The passed on the available guys.

I was one of the louder voices shouting linebacker. Some disagreed. I still stand by what I was saying. The good news is that the team almost certainly will not let Leroy Hill get away. That is a 5 star idea. However, I will reserve ultimate judgment on my ignorance until the season. If we see DD Lewis playing significant time, I will be a bit worried.

My best guess is that the Hawks have gotten strong indications from good players at both of these positions that they will sign deals about an hour from now. Else they may have taken a higher priority then a sixth round long snapper. Call it a hunch. I think Shane Simmons of WWU will be the first one to ink his name. That would be a start. We will see....END