Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday Sets Records

by: Michael Steffes

Dang Y'all! There was some serious activity happening at Seahawk Addicts this weekend. First off Saturday came within one visit from tying the highest total (3/7/08) for a day at 4278. But the readers here are obviously serious about their Seahawks, because Sunday annihilated all previous marks with 5086 visits! Combined Saturday and Sunday, the site had over 30,000 page views. Saturday set the new mark with 14,500, which was again reset on Sunday when there was 16,700!!!!! I guess it was actually 31,000 page views for the weekend. Thanks to everybody who has spread the word about Seahawk Addicts. I can only imagine what will happen over the draft next year. I keep telling you, just wait till I have football to discuss! You guys rock! Glad you enjoyed getting your draft updates here!

Also special thanks to Chris Sullivan. He was the man this weekend. Without him, no way the coverage would have been half of what it was. Thanks my man! END