Sunday, April 27, 2008


by: Michael Steffes

Taking the long snapper in the sixth round seems like a curious pick. I have a hard time believing the Hawks wouldn't have been one of the more desirable locations for any free agent long snapper. However, considering now that the team spent a pick on him, he is likely to be the guy. Anytime you can get a contributer at this stage of the draft you are doing well.

There are a lot of players that I would have preferred. However, that is why I write a blog and Ruskell runs a team. If this is the guy the Hawks wanted, I have no problem taking him. Lets erase that issue from of our minds once and for all. I can get behind that mindset. That said, as Mike Mayock just pointed out, did the Hawks think someone was really going to beat them to the punch. It is a rare selection in deed, as most long snappers are undrafted, and the Hawks took one in the sixth. END