Saturday, April 26, 2008

Packers Take SA Favorite

by: Michael Steffes

Wow! The Packers have selected Jordy Nelson of Kansas St. He was not expected to go this high at all. Especially when you consider the WR's still on the board. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Jackson, Kelly,Hardy, Manningham, and Sweed all remain available.

On another note, one TE has been taken. Dustin Keller. Expect the 2nd round run on TE's to begin soon. It would help the Seahawks chances of getting the one they like if New Orleans would use their pick to get Shockey. Besides for them, Buffalo, Atlanta, Cincy, and Philly could all look TE. However, I expect both Philly and Cincy to select WR's. If there is a run on all these WR's it could dramatically help the Hawks chances of getting the top TE on their board. END