Monday, April 28, 2008

Hawks Looking At Pro Level, Free Agent Offensive Lineman

by: Michael Steffes

I just got done watching Tim Ruskell and Ruston Websters end of day press conference from yesterday. You can see it HERE, at

One thing that I haven't seen anybody else talk about yet is that Ruskell said they will be looking to sign two pro free agent linemen before camp starts.

I made a case for "Chop" yesterday. Here are some others who are worth the veteran minimum. To see....

Shane Olivea, T, 26 years old....He had back problems last year and the Chargers cut him. However, he had been a solid starter for them and is still young.

L.J. Shelton, G/T, 32 years old. I mentioned way back in the free agency previews that this guy is basically another Pork Chop. He as started in this league recently and can play both G and T. Would make a lot of sense to at least take a look.

Fred Weary, G, 30 years old. Weary has been the primary backup for the Texans in recent years. He has gotten significant time. He is pretty good run blocker, but has some problems in pass pro. As a back up or a camp invite, he is a pretty good choice. Weary broke his leg last year, so he would have to be cleared medically first.

Tom Ashworth(less) G/T, Don't worry folks, I am only kidding. Please don't bring this guy back unless it is an absolute emergency!

None of the group would be guaranteed a spot on the team, but considering the relative youth of the back ups, it would make sense to bring them in to camp. I still think Womack is the most likely. Don't be surprised if it is announced soon.