Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carlson Had Highest Wonderlic Score

by: Michael Steffes

Normally, I only put a small amount of stock in the infamous Wonderlic score. I usually view like one would any standardized test, such as an IQ test. You have a whole lot of people who fall close enough to the mean that specific scores don't hold a lot of meaning. What I believe is that it is the outliers you pay attention to. When someone like Vince Young scores a 6 you make a note. Not that it has hurt his pro potential that much. The opposite is true as well. When someone scores off the charts it is worth noting.

John Carlson is one of those cases. Apparently he had the highest score of this years draft class. Here is an article looking at his score. Carlson had a 40. Let me note something the article mentions, that the questions have very little to do with football. However, knowing that Carlson did so well on this test validates the Seahawks trading up to get Carlson even more. Coming from Notre Dame, we assume he is smart. This shows that he is able to quickly assess the situation (the questions) and make the proper decisions (answers).

This is an excellent sign, considering the Hawks are looking for an immediate contribution. Many tight ends make marginal contributions as rookies. There are numerous reasons for this which are not measured by this test, blocking skill, strength, etc. However, one thing this test does tell us is that we shouldn't expect picking up the playbook and scheme to be the factor. Something which is often sited as the biggest hurdle for a rookie pass catcher in a Mike Holmgren offense. The prospects for next year keep looking better and better. Go Hawks!

For a look at what the test is like, check out this link from ESPN. END.