Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holmgren's Hints

by: Michael Steffes

In the same interview, Mike Holmgren gave several hints as to what you will see from the Seahawks this year.

The first of which is that it will be Running Back by committee, and expect Mo Morris to figure in heavily.

Holmgren's intention is to start Rob Sims at right guard. This is not too much of a surprise.

It sounds as if LoJack will be the starting DE, and Tapp will be brought in as a pass rushing specialist. He hinted that they feel Tapp is better rushing the QB than holding up against the run. Maybe this will challenge him to be better. Holmgren has never been afraid to drop not-so-subtle hints to motivate players.

Also, it sounds as if Nate Burleson will be taken off special teams duty, including punt returns.

I believe this is a mistake. Nate seems to have a sense about him that allows him to break off the big returns when the team needs them the most. That is a rare trait that should not be stymied.

Also, Holmgren said he has challenged John Marshall and CO. to be better on the road. When you look at the road schedule, it doesn't seem so far fetched that it could happen. END