Friday, April 25, 2008

Kentwan Balmer Interview

by: Michael Steffes

Rob Rang told Frank Hughes he has a feeling in his gut the Hawks will take Balmer. I do not agree, but he was on the Sirius Blitz this morning. To see a summary of what he said, including talking about the Seahawks interest....

It sounded like he has a commitment from Jack Del Rio that if he slides to 26 he will be taken.

He feels comfortable playing in either 3-4 end, or a 4-3 DT.

He talked a little bit with both the Washington Redskins and the Seahawks.

He met with the Hawks at the combine, but not since. He says he hasn't gotten any indication he is on their radar.

Butch Davis helped him a lot in watching tape and understanding the game.

He is happy to play any technique. He is going to give it all he's got and be successful no matter where he plays.

Balmer feels his best football is ahead of him. He felt that last year was an average year for him. He says he is going to work as hard as anyone to be great on Sundays.