Saturday, April 26, 2008

Four Picks In the Books-UPDATED

by: Michael Steffes

According to several reports around the web, the first four picks have already been decided. We will see if it actually plays out this way, but it should go...

1) Jake Long, Dolphins...this one is for sure, the contract is signed

2) Chris Long, Rams... The best pick they could make. While he may never be a superstar like his dad, he will be a very good player for many years.

3) Matt Ryan, Atl.... I wonder how much of this pick is Blanks influence. It seems it is a much a business decision as it is a football decision. Atlanta has had its issues of recent, I hope for their sake, they found a new face of the franchise.

4) Darren McFadden,OAK... Ok, another pick announced early. Did we even need to get everybody gathered in NYC. At this rate the Hawks will be on the clock by 12:30! Bad for the contest entries, but good for Hawk fans!

Adam Schefter just reported that Baltimore is making a last minute effort to get to #2 and blow this whole thing up, so stay tuned. All this early info could turn out to be bogus.