Sunday, April 27, 2008


by: Michael Steffes

The late fourth and fifth round is where there are picks that make me say..Who? That is a good thing. Lots of teams are willing to take chances on small school guys. The Seahawks are not. I think it benefits them because these guys who have experience against top level talent remain available. Like many of you, I use a lot of the available information to scout prospects. GM's have scouting departments. That is what accounts for the descrepency in where players are projected and actually taken.

There are still several big school multiple year starters on the O line. I really like Roy Schuening and Kirk Barton. There are several linebackers hanging on the board way past their projections as well. The Hawks are still likely to get a good player in the fifth, and as of yet, they haven't shipped off any future picks. That will benefit them if they find a guy next year worth trading up for.

All in all, things are shaping up quite well for the Hawks. They have gotten three players who can contribute next year, and they have the possibility to grab some very good players still. God I love the NFL! It is going to be a great year! END