Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trevor Laws Interview on NFL Radio

by: Michael Steffes

Defensive Tackle from Notre Dame and possible pick of the Seahawks Trevor Laws joined Adam Schein and Tim Hasselbeck this morning on the Sirius Blitz. I find Trevor to be an interesting prospect. He seems to be slated to go in between the Seahawks first two picks, but he is the one player who would adequately replace Rocky Bernard. Rocky's contract expires after this year and he could possibly be facing discipline from the league at some point this year. Adding Trevor with the teams first pick would be a smart move in my opinion, but the team my only feel comfortable doing so if they can trade back several slots.

If you want to read a summary of what Trevor had to say....

-He described the draft as a long tough process, and he is mostly excited to find a team and go to mini camp so he can focus on playing football.

- So much of the process has little to do with playing D line.

-Playing for Notre Dame and Charlie Weiss has given him the opportunity to make an easy transition to the pro level

-He has played many different positions on the D line. His versatility offers him the advantage of helping out where ever he is needed

-He feels there are six teams that could take him in the high second round range. All of them have told him they would love to have him, but they aren't sure how the draft will fall.

-The teams who have expressed interest that he mentioned are the Broncos, Seattle, Rams, Redskins

-He has made friends with the other D Tackles and he is intersted in seeing where guys like Pat Sims and Kentwan Balmer go.

-Met with Denver at the combine and the Senior Bowl

-Met with the Hawks at Senior Bowl and the Combine, and they said if he is still around they are interested in taking him.

-Last year was the toughest year of his life. Going 3-9 at Notre Dame is not pleasant situation.

-Teams often asked about his leadership on a losing team

-He said he tried to be a leader as much as he could, but the fact was that the seniors and juniors were far outweighed by the freshman and sophomores, and the inexperience was the one thing he believes hurt the team the most.