Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shockey Update

by: Michael Steffes

Ralph Vacchiano has updated his morning info on Jeremy Shockey. He has taken into account the reports out of Seattle disputing the Seahawks interest.

He seems to be standing by the sources that the Seahawks are interested. He tempers this though by saying...

it’s starting to seem clear that they’re not interested in a bidding war nor are they willing to give up much for Shockey at all. Many NFL sources have been skeptical all along that the Giants will ever do better than the second-round pick they were supposedly offered from the Saints.

If that’s true, Shockey’s not going anywhere. We’ll all find out soon.
This is on par with what I believe. The Seahawks don't have enough bullets in the gun to make a serious play for Shockey, with only 6 picks. Tim Ruskell describes his picks "as gold", so we know he values them highly. Somewhat surprisingly, no one seems to be saying is that Shockey's personality and antics are scaring off the Hawks. It is the price.

Considering Shockey makes more than a rookie would, is much older, and would cost high draft picks. As much as Shockey's production next year would be enticing, there isn't good value in acquiring him. Especially if he continues to miss time with injuries, which seems to be a regular thing. Tim Ruskell values practice time as much as playing on Sunday. The reward looks tempting, but the cost is just too prohibitive.

That said, who knows what would happen if the Giants want to move him a lot more than they are letting on. Remember how surprised we all were last year when all of a sudden Darrell Jackson was being shipped off for only a 4th. END