Tuesday, April 29, 2008

McShay Gives Hawks Some Love

by: Michael Steffes

On NFL Live today they had ESPN's version of Ricky and Lucy, McShay and Kiper, re-grading the 2005 class. Mel, he should have been a fourth rounder, Kiper opted to praise the Cowboys noting that he gave them an A back then and it looks even better now. He also said he would change San Diego's 05' class from a C to an A.

It was Todd McShay who threw the Sea Birds some love, saying not many people though highly of their class, but they got a stand out starting center, and impact player in Lofa Tatupu and the underrated Leroy Hill even later.

Is there some reason ESPN is keeping Mel Kiper around? I have a new favorite, McShay clearly knows what he is talking about. Actually, I am just fooling. I think pretty highly of Mel Kiper. The man has taken 30 years of grief, but analysts like Todd McShay, and even guys like Rob Rang, owe their careers to Kiper. Now hopefully we won't have to see these guys for another 9 months. END