Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Possible Trade Partner

by: Michael Steffes

Call a post draft haze if you will, but i missed a team when previously talking about how the Hawks can get back into the 3rd round, if they so wanted.

The New England Patriots.

The Pats present a perfect opportunity if the Hawks are interested in taking it, because they have shown a willingness to push picks back into the next year. They did it last year with their pick in the first, after using Seattle's. They may actually prefer to ship off their early third for a second next year, if a team is willing to give that up.

It is also possible they will just swap their late 3rd rounder for a 3rd next year, if they have hit on two guys they were targeting. It will be interesting to watch. However, if the Hawks want to be movers and shakers again, New England might be the best chance to make that happen. END