Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Justin Forsett Interview

by: Michael Steffes

Justin Forsett was on the Opening Drive, on Sirius NFL Radio this morning with Bob Pappas, Randy Cross, and Peter King. For a summary of what he had to say....

First off, HERE is scouting report done by John Morgan at Field Gulls on Justin Forsett. Here is what he had to say...

Excited to be in Seattle with a good team.

Said he wishes he had a chance to meet Shaun, but its Ok.

Holmgren called him, he was asleep. It got to a point he couldn't watch anymore waiting to be picked.

He thought he should have gone a lot earlier, only because some of the backs that went in front of him.

He recognizes special teams is going to be key for him. He said he would snap or hold if they asked him to.

He has come to Seattle a bunch to play the Huskies. He said he heard it rains a lot up there.

He feels he can come in an play anywhere on the field. He thinks that he will bring some excitement to the field no matter what he does.

Justin, seemed a little groggy to me. Wasn't the greatest interview. Could be that it was 7:15am, I know i am a bit groggy. It will be interesting to see if he makes the team. He seems to have the right approach. Welcome aboard Justin!