Monday, April 7, 2008

Break Out the Throwbacks

by: Michael Steffes

This morning, I stumbled upon this article while looking around at some of the teams we keep tabs on. The St.Louis Post-Dispatch and Jim Thomas have a report that the Rams have had a request to wear their 1999 throwback uniforms on opening day declined.

If you read the article, the main reason it was declined was that they didn't give the NFL proper lead time. Wearing throwback uniforms has kind of become in vogue. My favorites, and they were them a couple times a year, are San Diego's. Anyway, I thought I would open this up to discussion, but would really like to see the Hawks wear their throwbacks once a year.

I was a big fan in the change in uniform, but now that it is several years removed, I would love to see the older blue, green and silver uniforms come back. I have both a Steve Largent and a Cortez Kennedy throwback, and I think despite some mostly awful seasons in those jerseys, there were also many great players and memories who could be celebrated if the Hawks wore those colors once a year. Your thoughts.......