Sunday, April 6, 2008

Camp Fodder

by: Michael Steffes

Hey everybody, Happy Sunday. The draft is twenty days away, and NFL news is at an all time slow. Hopefully, the blog has provided enough info to give the Addicts their fix. Anyway, I have several small things, each not terribly worthy of a post, so I thought I would combine them all here. For your daily notes and nuggets...

First, If you are looking for a little something extra to get you through the weekend, I posted the first part of a two part article for "The Power of 12" site, on the Hawks draft. The first one is called "Debunking Myths" and I explain my thoughts on why all the national draft experts are wrong. If you read the blog regularly, you have heard most of these ideas before, but I hope is a decent read none the same.

Second, If you somehow missed it yesterday. Seahawk Addicts has opened up entry on our newest contest. You may notice the blurb on the right sidebar. The winner will be whatever contestant comes closest to guessing the time of day to the nearest second in which the Seahawks are first on the clock. Here is the Post. It also includes info on how to support the site, which is how I manage these sweet prizes. This time it is a replica jersey of choice offered from FansEdge, who you can find through the ad at the bottom of the page. Support the Site! Get your Entry In! & GOOD LUCK!

Third, later today, and I am VERY VERY excited about this, we are debuting a new feature on the blog. I am working in conjunction with an actual writer, who has a different perspective than most of us on the the Seahawks and the NFL in general. This will hopefully turn out to be a regular thing. Here is hint.... I wanted to provide all of you gentlemen out there with a wonderful woman in your lives, like Ms. SA, the opportunity to be able to share the blog with them.

So if you have a lady who tags along to games with you, screams at the TV on Sundays too, or can even talk intelligently about the value of the play action fake, then invite them to check out the blog this afternoon. We have a great article for all and it should be posted soon!

Thanks again for everything! This Blog has the best readers on the web! In my humble opinion of course!