Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coin Toss Rule Changed

by: Michael Steffes

Now here is the first measure from the Owners meeting that I am really glad passed. The coin toss will now be treated as a coin toss is in college football. Head Coaches have been given the option to defer. Previously, by winning the coin toss, the coach almost had to choose to receive. Because either way the other team was given the choice to begin the second half. Now, with the option to defer added, the coach can opt to make the decision in the second half. TO CONTINUE...

Why does this matter, you may be asking? Well, I have long been a supporter of the Seahawks LOSING the coin toss when at home. I thought it was much better for the team. Putting the opposing teams offense on the field to start a game at Qwest is just cruel and unusual punishment. In theory, that is when the crowd is the rowdiest.

Conversely to that, however, is the beginning of the 2nd half, where often, fans are still making their way back to their seats from the bathrooms and beer runs. It is an advantage for the visitor to get the ball then, it is a respite from the crowd.

Will Holmgren ever choose to defer?? I doubt it. He seems like an old school, I want the ball, just in case I get an extra possession out of it, guy. But Mora might? Either way, now this strategy, which I think is an effective one, is actually available for the Hawks to use.

Also, as an FYI, other rule changes at the owners meetings...

  • The 5 yard face mask has been eliminated, it will be 15 yards or nothing
  • The force out rule has been removed. A receiver will have to have two feet down regardless
  • Field goals are now subject to review
  • A direct snap that goes untouched is no longer a false start, it is now a fumble
Overall, I think the committees did a nice job tweaking things to make the game a little more fan friendly. They seem to be limiting some discretionary calls from the officials. No Seahawk fan can argue that.

All of this info is being reported here, by The Professor, John Clayton.