Friday, April 4, 2008

Do We Really Know Charlie Frye?

by: Michael Steffes

It seems to me that one thing that is often brought up in cursory discussions about things such as the draft, and even sometimes the WR situation, is Charlie Frye.

There seem to be two differing opinions on this. Charlie Frye stinks, or lets see him in camp. This may be the Hawks only chance to get a good luck at him, as he becomes a free agent after this year. If the Hawks draft a QB, it may be a struggle for him to make the team.

In my opinion, there isn't much to base the argument on either way. The only thing that I am sure of is that we gave up a 6th to get him. So I thought it might be interesting to take a look at whats up with Charlie Frye. To continue.....


When Charlie Frye came out of Akron in 2005, scouts raved about his mechanics and his accuracy. They said he displayed above average timing with his receivers. The also said he showed very good patience and went through progressions very well. A lot of that can be found here.

Now if you asked me to write up something about Matt Hasselbeck, it would probably include a lot of those things. In fact, if you read that article, a lot of their weaknesses are similar too. He under throws the deep ball. Can hold the ball to low and therefore fumbles when hit. So in trying to make the case for Charlie Frye, I would say his skills are perfectly suited for the WCO being run by the Seahawks. It is certainly not a question of him not having the smarts. He was a deans list student all through college.

In the case for Charlie Frye, it has to be pointed out that his game experience has come from on a mostly miserable Cleveland Browns team. In the beginning, he was drawing rave reviews, even from the veterans. However, over time, the shine faded and the losses mounted. Frye ended his Cleveland time throwing only 14 tds to 24 interceptions. The Browns went 7-13 in games he started. The team is 13-15 in games not started by him since he joined the team.

Well that looks bad for Charlie, 10 of those 13 wins came last year, after he was traded. Charlie was the quarterback for the first half of Joe Thomas' career and that was all. The Browns had lacked a blindside protector for all of the time Frye was their QB, and really the team was 3-10 with out him in a comparable time frame. Also, in a case for Charlie Frye, it one could say he was the biggest victim of Kellen Winslow's need for speed, as every weapon the Browns drafted for Frye missed significant time. Also, nne thing I do think shows promise is that 4 of his wins did come on the road. That shows that he seems to be able to manage adverse conditions, something all young QBs struggle with. The good news is that Frye has a good deal of starting experience in this league. That bad news is that it wasn't a very good experience, or else he wouldn't be here

The one thing that worries me about Charlie Frye is that it often seems like rookie QB's who are essentially thrown to the wolves when young, they either sink or swim. Very rarely do they sink, only to find there way back and become a productive player. David Carr as a unmitigated disaster in Carolina last year is a good example.

I think that Frye's time in Cleveland can be used both as an argument that he could succeed here as well as an argument that he will never really succeed. How do you see it? What makes you so sure either way, considering when haven't seen him take a snap as a Seahawk? Or do you, like me, don't believe we will truly know, until he leads the team on to the field for the second half of the 3rd preseason game.

Either way, I think it is safe to say Charlie Frye is not the QB of the future, he is already 26, and probably wouldn't start for this team for at least 3 years. Howver, if he preforms well, he could allow the Seahawks a QB to manage games while they make the transition from the Hasselbeck to another franchise QB.