Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do You Want A QB?

by: Michael Steffes

Ok, Ok...enough Tom Foolery! I hope no one was made to look too foolish this morning. It was all in the name of a great tradition. For the one commenter who suggested this was inappropriate for someone who wants to be known as a reputable source, well, I guess we know who isn't the fun guy at the party, right. Hopefully, you all found it entertaining. It was all in the name of good fun!!!

How many of you actually clicked on the link??? I had my girlfriend put that together, but it was hard to make it look completely real. Anyway, if you are interested in a real Seahawk discussion, I wrote up something on an article a reader emailed me about and another posted the address to. It is fairly Seahawk relevant. To see....

The debate can go on and on about whether or not the Hawks are really looking at a QB. However, if the idea is to create an illusion so that a team will be willing to trade up into the Seahawks spot, this may be their best chance.

Peter King spent some time with Thomas Dimitroff, the new Atlanta GM. Dimitroff comes from the New England Organization, where they have made some 46 draft day trades in the last 8 years. King thinks the Falcons will be looking to trade into the first to draft Brian Brohm. Then if they still have a couple of seconds, they may trade one for a 09' first rounder.

Either of these scenarios could possibly benefit the Seahawks, although one would think that trading back is more favorable than trading an 09' first. However, if Jonathan Stewart falls, maybe giving up an 09' to get the top tight end on the board wouldn't be so bad. Either way, this draft seems that it is going to full of intrigue with trades a plenty. Hopefully the Hawks will be part of some.