Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fifth Round Finds

by: Michael Steffes

Seahawk Addicts look at the Seahawks roster by draft round moves on. With arguably the Seahawks best player, Matt Hasselbeck, behind us, expect to see more of the starting players upcoming. However, today, we find ourselves in round 5. The Seahawks don't have a fifth round pick this year. Will this hurt? Probably. Lets see the type of players that they have pulled from the fifth before.

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David Kirtman- At this point he is more famous for being Mike Holmgren's neighbor than anything he has done on the field. But this year their is a legitimate roster spot for him to occupy. With Mack Strong retired and Weaver not signed long term, a good camp from Kirtman could make all the difference in his young career. Either way, the Hawks are going to need a special teams contribution from this position group and Kirtman looks the most likely to provide that. At least as things currently stand.

Omare Lowe-- Local boy comes home. Originally drafted in the fifth by the Miami Dolphins, Lowe has bounced around and pin-balled his way back to Seattle. It would seem he has some work to do to earn himself a roster spot. Things could get worse next weekend if the Hawks take a safety. However, it seems that the Hawks do value veteran leadership at this position and therefore he could make a good impression if proves himself to be a vocal leader and quality special teamer.


Will Herring-- Will made the team last year and finished third on the team in special teams tackles. However, with most of his competition for the back up linebacker role leaving town, he finds himself in a great position to be a key player for the Hawks. Ruskell clearly sees a lot of potential in this kid. He has only played linebacker for a couple of seasons, previously being a safety. His size actually worries me less than his inexperience. I still think, for the next year or two, it would be best if his contributions came covering kicks.


Two guys from the fifth are the type of players that make an Ok team a playoff team and a good team a Superbowl team

Chris Gray- Gray has been a quality player in this league of a long long time. He was one of the anchors on the all time great 2005 line. Now a days, he is a bit over matched, but considering he is almost 38 years old that is OK. He came to the Seahawks in 1999 and has given the Hawks 8 years of quality play and stability. Anytime you get 15 years out of a guy in the later rounds, that is a good move. Miami was the team who drafted him, but he had his glory days here, and will most likely retire a Seahawk at the end of the 2008 season. Look for him to be the back up C/G this year and put a lot of effort into mentoring Chris Spencer.

Rocky Bernard-- The Sugarbear! What. A. Steal! Rocky has to be the best of the bunch, even though he and Gray are fairly equal. They have both done their share of dirty work for this team. Rocky Bernard was a perfect fit for this team. He has been a quality guy who gives his best no matter what. After getting a career high 8.5 sacks, he remained on a lesser deal. He will be a free agent after this season again, and if he has anything left in the tank I bet he stays again. He is one of the few, really good, true 3-technique tackles in this league. His specialty is causing penetration, and every once and a while falling on the QB and doing that sweet Sugarbear dance up above, while the QB lies in pain!