Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jonathan Stewart Interview

by: Michael Steffes

I am juggling radio sources right now, but I did catch some of J-Stew's interview on Sirius. It looks like Laws will be pushed back because of the Jake Long presser. However, Field Gulls did an interview with him right here. Check it out.

First off, Stewart said the Seahawks have shown interest in him.

Stewart says that when he met with the Cardinals, the owner was present and met personally with Stewart. That seems to to be a probable landing spot.

He had a trip to Detroit that went very well, he also met with the Bears and their coaching staff.

What he is hearing is that he will be taken in the top half of the first. It looks more and more like it is a pipe dream that he makes it to the Hawks. Darn, I was starting to feel good about it. It is probably for the best. It would seem that a D Tackle is going to taken early now for sure. Lets just all keep our fingers crossed Stewart doesn't end up in Arizona. END