Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kirwan's Take on Defensive Tackles

by: Michael Steffes

Much like tight ends, there is a wide variety of opinions around here on what defensive tackles best fit the Seahawks. Much like tight ends also, Pat Kirwan, trusted talent evaluator has done a nice breakdown of D-Tackles.

There is a lot of good info in this article, especially as to the scheme that these tackles best fit into. For the Hawks, any of the players that are "one gap" or "tampa scheme" guys are the ones they would probably favor. The two I see that, in my opinion, are real options, are Trevor Laws or Carlton Powell. Some of the others fit the scheme, but have character concerns. This includes Sims, Moore, and Pressley. Sims along with Kentwan Balmer are also considered one year wonders in this piece. That always raises concerns. I am still having trouble figuring out Red Bryant, but something tells me a 3-4 team would value him higher than us anyway. END