Tuesday, April 1, 2008

McShay's Most Recent Mock

by: Michael Steffes

ESPN Personality Tood McShay has released his newest mock draft. It is free right now on ESPN Insider, so I though I would post it.

I must say, I like it. It is getting closer, although I think he has the wrong TE coming off the board, and I hope tomorrows pro day helps to prove that. He does admit they are neck and neck though, and that Mr. Davis is a more complete prospect.

Anyway, I figured this was a sign, I was having strange dreams last night involving Todd McShay buying out Mel Kiper and taking over the world. Bizzare, I know!!! But this is where it led me, so I posted the mock! Either that, or I have spent waaaaaaaaaay too much time thinking about the draft. Is it here yet?

Kiper also released his newest Mock, he and McShay concur for the Hawks pick. Maybe it is because TM has taken over the world? Huh? My brain is a scary place sometime. END