Monday, April 7, 2008

More on Uniforms & Jerseys

by: Michael Steffes

The post this morning on the throw back uniforms got quite a response. One of the readers took the subject and inserted some creativity and came up with some interesting uniform ideas to discuss.

Another reader thought it would be interesting to discuss what jerseys we all where. Now, I recall this subject was tackled by a blog last offseason, but if I recall right, people really liked the topic and it was fun. Also, you all can learn what a freak I am about my jersey's. To see the uniforms and discuss jersey's....

Here are reader DMIKE's new uniform proposals. He was just having fun and fooling around, so don't take them too seriously. What he told me was that he just had to put the visual of a neon green alternate jersey on paper to see how disturbing it might be. I love it! You may have heard my motto before...embrace the neon!!!

Read this doc on Scribd: Old-NewSeahawkUnis

As for jersey's well, you could say it is a bit like an obsession for me. I have an alarming collection, according to my girlfriend. So you tell me, am I over the top???


Lofa Tatupu Authentic (purchased during presason 05')
Leroy Hill Authentic
Steve Largent throwback
Cortez Kennedy Throwback
Ken Hamlin replica


Matt Hasselbeck Authentic
Deion Branch Authentic
Marcus Trufant replica
Darrel Tapp Authentic

I also have a Walter Jones Sewn Shadow Jersey(black)

Ms. SA roles Dj Hackett or Julian Peterson

Wait I have to add this as well, I have three dogs, one has a 12, one has a lofa, and one has a Hass. I am sure you can picture gameday at the house, it is a touch disturbing, well, to anyone who isn't a die hard Hawks fan!

So i am sure some of you can top that, who do you have? As you can see I like to choose young defensive players. I got Marcus and Hamlin in 03' and 04', at that point I decided that if I was going to choose jersey's based on long term potential with the team, I should just go authentic. I recommend They are cheaper than the stadium and equally authentic.

With my B Day in Nov, and Christmas in Dec, I think I have gotten jerseys as gifts about 10 times in a row. Fine. by. me.!!! I always thought about getting a Stevens jersey, but something held me back (thank god!), I think next years will be the new TE, or maybe Trevor Laws ( i hope!). Tell us whose jersey you have...want...would by in a heartbeat if they were on the team.....

If you guys want to see my most recent acquisition, here it is. I am going to go as Chuck Knox for Halloween! Sweet! I just need to find the right old school mesh hat!