Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Positive Role Models

by: Michael Steffes

What a good time for an article like this. It is important to remember that usually it is the misdeeds get the press, and the good stuff that goes unnoticed. In a time like this it helps to have a reminder that many of the Seahawks and NFL Players in general treat their job as a gift, and because of this they give back when they can.

According to the Reno Post Gazette, Nate Burleson went back to Reno recently, where he went to the University of Nevada, and participated in the Role Model Summit. Nate spent the better part of two days talking to every middle schooler in the area, telling them to dream big. A noble deed that needs to be recognized.

Nate is one of those players who have taken some heat for inconsistencies on the field, but his attitude more than makes up for it. There is an NFL Films clip from last year when he has the WR's in a huddle and he is reminding them that playing football is a gift and to appreciate every moment. He ends by saying lets do our best today, lets be great. That is paraphrasing as best as I can remember, but the few times I have seen it, his humbleness has moved me. Thanks Nate. I hope you have a fantastic season, even if you do dislike returning kicks. END