Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Ruskell Kind of Guy?

by: Michael Steffes

Maybe. I know that many of you, at different times, have expressed a fondness for Calias Cambell as possible draft pick. Well, Alex Marvez at Fox Sports has put together a good article that gives a little more insight into Cambell and his mindset.

Much of the draft talk about Cambell is centered around him disappearing the second half of the season last year. As if anybody who is 6'8" can literally disappear. He is a defensive end in the mold of Julius Peppers, according to Marvez. He stayed in school, despite the promise of a high draft choice, to get his degree. That is something the Tim Ruskell and Seahawk scouts surely took note of. However, one thing that just doesn't fit is that he would be the tallest defensive end in the league. Wouldn't choosing a tall guy be totally out of character? Just Kidding. END