Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seahawks / Giants.... Week 5

by: Michael Steffes

According to Mike Garaflo of the NJ Star Ledger, in this report, the Seahawks will be playing in New York early in the season. He thinks it will be week 5, right after the Giants bye. The Giants lost to Dallas at home following their bye last week. It seems like a good spot to play the champs to me.

Some other leaks have found there way to press as well. The Packers and Bears both will have another prime time Monday night affair in December. That should be thrilling to everyone who likes teams with good quarterbacks (sarcasm off).

Also, it would appear that the Eagles will be hosting the Browns on Thanksiving night. That way we can see how classy the Philly fans are on Thanksgiving, as opposed to booing Santa Claus near Christmas. Maybe they will slaughter a giant turkey. Both of these reports are from ProFootballtalk.com.