Wednesday, April 23, 2008

37 One-Liners this Morning

by: Michael Steffes

Thankfully there aren't actually 37 of them! However, there are a lot of good takes/reactions on Shaun's release this morning. I thought I would collect the best of them for you here.

Steve Kelly talks about father time finally catching up with Shaun.

Art Theil compares Shaun to a boxer who keeps coming back, despite it looking like he shouldn't

Mike Sando says that the Seahawks should share some of the blame in his demise.

Aaron Fentress takes a look at whether or not Shaun is a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

John Mcgrath talks about the love/hate relationship fans had with Shaun and his performance.

Jeff Gordon seems to imply the Rams won't be too disappointed that Shaun won't be torching them twice a year anymore.

Rick Alvord talks about how the Seahawks made the right move from a business standpoint.