Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Comments: No Problem

by: Michael Steffes

Many of you have probably noticed the blog is missing the comment feature. This started yesterday morning. While I know this is a feature many, including me, liked to utilize, it presented some unique issues. The best way I can describe the change is that I felt I wasn't able to put my best effort into the stories and posts because I was spending way too much time sorting through comments. If you were one of the many who were respectful, I am sorry. However.......

One of the reasons I felt this was feasible, it that there seem to be a large portion of readers who don't comment. This was fully reinforced yesterday. The site had a record day. The news of the day obviously was the main factor, but it was great to see that the primary interest is for the information. Yesterday Seahawk Addicts had approximately 2000 unique visitors, 5000 visits, and 10k page views. Awesome!

Those numbers rank second to a day in early March, during free agency. Thank you to all! I appreciate all of your support. Will the comments return? Probably, but only when I can ensure that having that feature available will not detract from the actual writing. Consider this... once the football season starts, there will be actual football to talk about! The future looks bright for the Seahawks, and the site. Thanks! END