Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are You Miserable?

by: Michael Steffes

I ask that question in jest, but not with out purpose. It would seem, despite the NFLN's fine work, that Seattle is starting to get noticed as a sports city. Unfortunately, not in a good way.

According to Forbes.com, Seattle currently ranks 2nd on the their list of the most miserable sports cites. In fact, they say that if (isn't it more like when) the Sonics leave the city, they will take over #1. Currently Atlanta holds that spot. This does involve sports besides football so feel to look away if that isn't your cup of tea. For my take...

I have my own take on this. I say yes, we are tortured souls. Not Chicago Cubs fans tortured, but close. It is not the fact that there has been no major championship in almost 30 years, it is that we seem to get jobbed every time we get close. The sports franchises have actually been fairly competent compared to some places. At least they are spending money and trying to win.

I still blame Osama Bin Laden for stealing the M's world series win in 2001. I mean, that team COULD NOT be beat. Then...no baseball for two weeks. Then, the Yankees suddenly are playing for the entire nation. Seattle didn't have a chance.

Superbowl XL? Sorry I had to bring it up. I hope Bill Leavy gets AIDS! Sorry if that is over the top, but I really hate the man.

The Sonics...well what are you going to do, it was Michael Jordan. But still they put up a fight. What is going on right now is just a disgrace and Howard Schultz and the state government should be ashamed.

All put together, and it leads to bitterness. This is why I can't watch national tv coverage of the Hawks with out getting upset. Because if one of these teams cashes in, just one, the city is looked at differently. Have you ever gotten on a message board only for the other people to go directly to the How many Superbowls have you won? None!. It has nothing to do with a current discussion, but until one of the Emerald Cities teams cashes in, we are stuck with BS like that, and showing up, unceremoniously in articles like this. So...How tortured are you?

The list reads like this:

1) Atlanta
2) Seattle
3) Buffalo
4) Phoenix
5) Denver
6) San Diego
7) Cleveland
8) Philadelphia
9) Minneapolis
10) Houston