Tuesday, April 8, 2008

State Of The Franchise

by: Michael Steffes

Well that was pointless. They didn't even talk to anyone. Of course, tomorrow, Maurice Jones Drew is coming in studio to do the Jaguars.

Oh and did I hear Rod Woodson miss call Maurice Morris, Mercury Morris. Yeah...

In the "you don't say" category, Mike Wahle might finally be the guy to replace Steve Hutchinson.

Oh, and By the way, the Seahawks are screwed at WR because Bobby is over the hill and they don't have anybody else even worth mentioning.

So with their first pick, it would make sense that they select Kentwan Balmer right. Of course it does. By the way, does anybody else find it funny that Chuck Darby and Ellis Wyms were undersized and over matched when on the Hawks, but now the Seahawks have lost some very good defensive tackles.

I will update when they show the top ten plays. To read the plays they showed...

10) Tru pick against the Rams
9) Engram over the shoulder against the Falcons
8) Morris big run against the Eagles
7) Bobby's catch in Green Bay, the force out
6) Bobby's shoestring grab against the Cards at home
5) Nate TD catch against the Saints
4) Josh Wilson's Kickoff return TD against the Rams(week 12)
3)Nate's kickoff return against the Rams (week 7)
2) Marcus Trufants punt return against the Skins in the playoff game (don't correct me, I know)
1)Nate's punt return TD, with Lebron James taunt, vs the Browns.

Great to watch em again, at least.