Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Boy Schedule

by: Michael Steffes

Over at the ESPN Hashmarks blog, which features both Matt Mosley, who doesn't think it feels right having the Hawks play on Thanksgiving, and former TNT reporter Mike Sando, I found something interesting.

Mr. Sando has been hard at work with his favorite Microsoft program again. He found that only five games next year feature two teams that won playoff games. The Hawks are part of three of these games.

The Patriots, the Packers, and the Giants are the three opponents. However, as you know, often teams that are up one year are down the next. The "Stealers" collapsed after winning XL. The Bears were a mess last year. It also doesn't hurt that the GB quarterback retired. So while the schedule looks tough in many ways, with a couple of breaks, it could be business as usual for the Hawks. END